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The Must-Have Flowers for May-August Weddings

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It’s the slow season for the floral industry. Summer is the season to sink or swim. It’s important to take on the season with a game plan in order to be standing at the end of it in one piece. One of the best approaches to surviving summer is with a wedding planning mindset. Our wholesale florists at San Diego Florist Supplies in San Diego, CA are here to help.

From the tail end of spring through the peak of summer, May to August weddings hold their fair share of relevance and beauty. When helping those blushing brides create their dream floral palette for their summer wedding, consider the most popular summer wedding flower that carries the most possibilities.

It is a top season for most flowers. The availability is there, but the overall theme seems to lean back towards color and romance. The wholesale rose is an ideal flower to push for those summer weddings. They are consistently kept in shop, the colors vary, and the overall look is romantic.

Consider the possibilities bulk rose plants can offer. These brilliant beauties offer a perfect wedding flower palette. Among the bulk rose plants, peaches and pinks are eager choices for summer weddings. They offer a sun-kissed look with a fresh floral elegance of their own.

Our wholesale rose plants add a unique option for those eager couples ready to take on wedding planning but have yet to decide on what they want. Fighting the heat during summer is often the biggest obstacle when planning a summer wedding. Wholesale rose plants are a guaranteed couple pleaser. They will love it because it won’t just withstand, it will thrive.

Let our wholesale rose plants be one way we help you beat the heat of the summer slow season. Summer weddings can be a flower shop's saving grace.

5 Mother’s Day Flowers that You MUST Have in Your Shop

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We pass one holiday and into another. There never seems to be enough prep time in between Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. However, you always seem to make it through. Let our wholesale florists at San Diego Florist Supplies in San Diego, CA help make the transition between the holiday a little easier by preparing with these must-have flowers for Mother’s Day.

The Rose

It is as timeless as moms on Mother’s Day. Rose are among the most popular flowers in the world, regardless of the time of the year. These brilliant beauties are undeniably guaranteed to ensure a successful Mother’s Day. They are a must-have stocked flower.

The Tulip

The delicate tulip is a must for your shop’s Mother’s Day stock. These beauties exude fall and all it has to offer. They are truly an ideal flower for Mother’s Day stock because they are bright, colorful and genuinely uplifting-just like mom.

The Lily

The lively Lily is among the rose’s most popular pair. With its exotic look and delicate feel, the lily is a must flower for Mother’s Day. They pair nicely with many flowers and stand beautifully on their own.

The Orchid

The orchid is a well-loved flower throughout the year. It is a more expensive flower to keep in stock, but with its life span and its versatile, the orchid is an ideal Mother’s Day must.

The Carnation

The carnation is one flower florists love to persuade customers to buy. They are a relatively inexpensive flower that is almost always held in shop. Wholesale carnations are ideal for Mother’s Day. Although their worth is often debated, their versatility and delicate touch add a unique range to any bouquet. Wholesale carnations aren’t just ideal for Mother’s Day. Keeping bulk carnations in store year round is always a great approach.

When considering the must-have flowers for Mother’s Day, consider these top flowers. Have the perfect compliments waiting to impress your customers when they debate wholesale carnations. Wholesale carnations are among the simplest and most accomplished flowers.

Take on Mother’s Day full swing with a plan. Stock up on the right products and wholesale carnations to top off the holiday.

Everything You Need for Prom Season


Prom is more than your stereotypical high school scene dating back generations. It is a milestone carried on long past high school. Be prepared to take on the all the floral needs for some inspired young people with a checklist of everything you’ll need for prom season. San Diego Florist Supplies in San Diego, CA are here with the bulk floral foam your shop needs to make prom season a success.

No one wants to be on the short end of the stick when it comes to high school. Clicks, clicks and more clicks- high school clicks are a phenomenon like no other. Although we hope to grow out of clicks, clicks carry on into our workplace and even into our homes. You can’t help who you get along with. Help make anyone’s prom as special as it can be, regardless of where they fit into high school’s hierarchy. Our bulk floral foam is one step to making any one’s floral dreams for prom come true.

The right outfit is one of the main goals for anyone’s prom. People spend months looking and pay a small loan’s worth to get their dream outfit for prom. It does something for a person’s confidence when they find an outfit that they love. To ensure you have everything you need for prom, prepare with bulk floral foam. Compliment their dream prom outfit with their dream floral accessories. Our bulk floral foam helps give you the flexibility you’ll need to create the prom accessories that will fit their outfit and style perfectly.

Having the appropriate bulk floral foam allows your shop the flexibility to create any floral accessory. Open those special prom kings and queens up to all the floral possibilities that they can dream of for prom. Collect every bit of potential, so she can see for herself. Prepare with the bulk floral foam your shop will need to guarantee a successful prom season.

Day-to-Day Needs in a Flower Shop

Day-to-day shop prep is on ongoing project in and of itself. As much as you try to prepare, something always seems to come up. Our wholesale florists are here to help...


Day-to-day shop prep is on ongoing project in and of itself. As much as you try to prepare, something always seems to come up. Our wholesale florists at San Diego Florist Supplies, Inc. in San Diego, CA are here to help with wholesale floral supplies.

It is important to go to the shop, every day, with a game plan. Social media, online reviews and voicemails should be a main priority before starting your day at your flower shop. Check for messages and reviews that need to be addressed or orders that need to be filled. Your online reputation and all-around attentiveness can make or break your flower shop.

Our wholesale floral supplies are one less thing to worry about when configuring your day-to-day needs in a flower shop. It is important to keep stock of your day-to-day bulk floral needs. Consider what your shop uses the most and the best ways to use the product. Our wholesale floral supplies expand into containers and vases that can help change up the look of even your most popular products.

Keeping buckets and counters clean is essential for increased productivity. A clean shop is a welcoming shop. It is important to not overstaff. Part time employees can help work with flexibility. Having a welcoming environment and an attentive staff are vital day-to-day needs of a flower shop. Our wholesale floral supplies will help fill in the cracks.

Our San Diego Florist Supplies, Inc. in San Diego, CA are here to help with the wholesale floral supplies your shop needs. The day-to-day needs of a flower shop change, but the overall goal- to give your customer a rewarding experience- is long lasting. Let our wholesale floral supplies be one way we help your shop reach its full potential.

Restock After the Holidays

You made it. You survived Valentine’s Day, and that’s something to be proud of. Despite an overabundance of orders and underappreciative customers, you came out in one piece. Valentine’s Day may be freshly over, but the show must go on. Our wholesale florists are here to help make the transition back on schedule easier with adequate restock after the holidays...


You made it. You survived Valentine’s Day, and that’s something to be proud of. Despite an overabundance of orders and underappreciative customers, you came out in one piece. Valentine’s Day may be freshly over, but the show must go on. Our wholesale florists at San Diego Florist Supplies, Inc. in San Diego, CA are here to help make the transition back on schedule easier with adequate restock after the holidays.

A month is not enough when it comes to prepping for the holidays. The transition between Christmas to Valentine’s Day seems like nothing. The pressure to have everything ready is evident across all components of a flower shop. Breaking it all down and taking on small pieces of the overall large project is an effective way of restocking and rebooting after the holidays.

Buying bulk flowers online helps give you the option to restock after the holidays without all the struggle. Update your logs and compare last year to this year. Organize it, and you’ll be one step closer to next year’s holiday prep. Choose bulk flowers that are relevant for the day-to-day after the holidays. Be prepared for those late holiday gifts that will be coming in. Keep your left-over inventory because you may need it.

When purchasing bulk flowers online, consider meeting with your employees to discuss any other product that is in demand. Take the slower period after the holidays to restock on bulk flowers online and essential conversations with your employees. Review work evaluations, trusted employees’ opinions on what could be done better and clean up the shop.

Taking time to restock after the holidays with bulk flowers online and a breakdown of the shop’s return will help in the long run. You took on one of the most important days of the year in the floral industry. It is okay to recoup. Be proud and be prepared with bulk flowers online.