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5 Must-Have Containers for Valentine's Day

Hugs, kisses and Valentine’s wishes... It may be December, but Valentine’s Day prep is a challenge that must be taken head-on. With Valentine’s Day being the #1 holiday for florists, how you prep could determine the outcome of your shop’s overall profit. Our wholesale florists at San Diego Florist Supplies, Inc. in San Diego, CA are here to help take on some of the weight with 5 must-have containers for Valentine's Day!

assorted flower vases

Glass Vases

Topping the list of must-have containers for Valentine’s Day is glass vases. It is important to buy your wholesale glass vases in bulk. Bulk floral glass containers remain the most popular among all containers for Valentine’s Day. Their simplistic look and versatility make them an ideal container for a flower shop. Buying them in bulk carries no issue because they are used beyond Valentine’s Day rush.


Whole-Colored Glass Vases

Number two on the list is a complement to Valentine’s Day as a whole- colored glass vases. When stocking up on bulk floral glass containers, it is important to get a variety of shades. Red glass vases often remain at the top of the list of requests for Valentine’s Day, making buying bulk floral glass containers even more important.


Galvanized Containers

Number three on our list hits the more popular trends. A must-have stocked container for Valentine’s Day is galvanized containers! Galvanized containers are a trendy option for Valentine’s Day flower arrangements. Buying galvanized bulk floral containers gives you an option for the customers wanting a less traditional look.



Baskets made number four on our list of must-have containers for Valentine’s Day. Of all the bulk floral containers to have in your shop for Valentine’s Day, baskets are great for the recipients that love to repurpose. Lean your customers towards baskets for flower arrangements for mom or grandma. It becomes a twofold gift because of the reusable container.


Ceramic Dishes/Vases

Ceramic dishes and vases are number five on the must-have Valentine’s Day container list. Some customers prefer the ceramic look and the opportunity for reuse. Although they aren’t as popular as the wholesale glass vases, they are an important bulk floral container to have stocked for Valentine’s Day.


Stock up on your must-have containers for Valentine’s Day ahead of time. Prepare for the rush than prepare for results. There is always potential to overstock on your bulk floral containers. However, if you choose right, your overstock can lead to readiness after the holiday sellout. Let our wholesale florists at San Diego Florist Supplies, Inc. in San Diego, CA help you prepare for it all with bulk floral containers for every occasion.

5 Must-Have Flowers for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and it is only going to get busier as the holiday approaches. Let our wholesale florists help you make prepping easier with 5 must-have flowers for your shop this Valentine’s Day...

red roses s

Ready or not, here it comes. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and time is not slowing down. In a blink of an eye, 2019 will be here, and it’s time to get ready. Our wholesale florists at San Diego Florists Supplies, Inc., in San Diego, CA are here to help you get prepared with 5 must-have flowers you’ll need in your shop this Valentine’s Day!



First and foremost, Roses remain number one on everyone’s list for Valentine’s Day. Stocking up on bulk Roses for Valentine’s Day is not just necessary; it’s mandatory to survive the Valentine’s Day rush in one piece. Roses are timeless and romantic. They are the symbol of Valentine’s Day. This should make buying bulk Roses your main priority.



Number two on our list is the feminine Peony. They should be stocked in the cooler ready to fill those soft, romantic arrangements for a girlfriend or someone’s crush. Although filling a cooler with bulk Roses is essential, Peonies are a must-have, stocked flower for Valentine’s Day.



Lilies are number three on our list of must-have flowers for Valentine’s Day prep. Lilies remain a popular choice for Valentine’s Day arrangements. Lilies are typically paired with Roses- just another reason stocking up on Bulk Roses is ideal.



Do your shop well by stocking up on Daisies. Daisies are economically easy to stock up on, and they are a great go-to flower for the customer who wants a lot on a set budget. This simple flower is number four on our list of must-have flowers for Valentine’s Day.



Number five on our list is an equally important must-have flower stocked for Valentine’s Day. It is the often-overlooked Hydrangea. Hydrangeas are underrated by most customers. However, when they are used to compliment the right flowers, they become a staple piece of a flower arrangement. They may not be as crucial of a stock as bulk Roses, but the part they play on Valentine’s Day is evident.


When prepping for Valentine’s Day, remember these 5 must-have flowers for your shop. Bulk Roses should be the main priority. Be smart with your choice of supply. Everyone knows the significance of stocking bulk Roses, but how you choose to prep your stock of flowers may make or break your Valentine’s Day profit margin.

Let our wholesale florists at San Diego Florist Supplies, Inc. in San Diego, CA help you make the right decision for your shop when buying bulk Roses and prepping for Valentine’s Day!